Dental treatments

More than 30 years of experience placing Straumann implants. Solution for most cases of missing teeth.
Dental Aesthetics:
Gingival recontouring, veneers, teeth whitening and smile design in clinic, outpatient and internal.
We offer solutions to a wide range of problems for adults and children. We have an alternative to the "brackets" the invisible braces (Invisalign).
Twenty years of experience make us a referral clinic in this field.
Endodontics and re-endodontic:
Our service led by Dr. Andreasen, performs the most innovative solutions for maintenance of teeth techniques.
Oral Surgery:
We conducted our clinics including wisdom teeth and canines, apiceptomias, fenestration and all minor oral surgery treatments.
Pediatric Dentistry:
Dr. Badia, serves children between 2 and 16 years.
Radiology and diagnostic:
Our clinic has all the diagnostic system Carestream:
  • TAC
  • DIGITAL X-rays
  • orthopantomography
  • teleradiography
  • Radiography Series periodontal
  • Apnea and snoring treatment night
Conscious Sedation:
Since May 2016, our clinics will have conscious sedation for all our treatments with prescription of doctors.